$ 800 USD

Per month research on a family lineage includes land records background checks heirs an estates and organization applications. flat fee price based on your need given upon contact. the price for the complete package is seen above



$ 30 USD

Per 2 hr session academic help in computers history or english

8/hr baysitting

20 a day for both tutor and baysitting


Basic education classes

High school honors graduate

CAAP test top percentil recipient in critical thinking and reading


over 1 yr 7 and under

training in CPR/First Aid

can cook clean and entertain


Virtual Assistant

$ 300 USD

Per week assistance with a variety of tasks including correspondance website upkeep and much more. Contact for flat fee pricing based on your need.Price for the full package seen above.


Business Advertising

$ 50.00 USD

per week  advertising solutions to make you stand out from your competiters

Please note: the 50 dollars is a holding fee for time and labor. A 5 dollar fee is required per ad.


Advisory Counseling

$ 40.00 USD

BA in marriage and Family (with masters prerequisites) from Trinity college of Fl.

offering per session consultation for marriage and family issues.

waiver and disclaimer forms must be signed. contact me for more info.


Consultation in biblical times and ancient past

$ 50.00 USD

BA in bible and theology plus several years personal studies with professional theologians in hebrew latin and aramaic languages mainly. Also studied ancient cultures, progress of theological ideas, and historical information.

This service is is per session.


Tax Preparer

No Image Available

$ 50 USD

Basic tax preparation 

schedule cs and paystub estimates cost 100

Ceritified through liberty tax